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Another Awesome Review!

When I went down to London to meet Guillermo Del Toro I met a few people who I'd been talking to on Twitter, including the lovely Ana from The Book Smugglers. Well she was good enough to read Furnace and post a wonderful review of it on her blog! Check it out here (and have a browse of the site, it's got some really fantastic stuff on it)!

Thanks Ana!

In other news I've spent today working on the new book. This one has really grabbed me and I'm enjoying just rolling with it. I still have no idea where it's heading, but it seems to be taking a shape of its own. It's funny, when you start writing a book you really have no idea what sort of tone it's going to have, and this one is growing darker with every chapter. In fact there was a point where I wondered if it was actually going to be an adult horror book as some of the scenes were so horrible. But I think it's still best suited for an older teen audience. It could have quite easily turned into a book for 8-12s, but it wants to be something scarier and more violent, and who am I to say no to a story?! I'm 14,000 words in, I'll keep you posted on how it develops!

I haven't been sitting on my butt all day, though. For a bit of a change of scene Jamie, Lucy and I popped up to the UEA for a game of badminton and a healthy dinner, which was nice! We weren't keeping score, but I'm pretty sure I won...

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