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My name is Alexander Gordon Smith, and I'm the author of various books including The Inventors series and the brand new Furnace series.

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Back On Tour

After more than a month off I'm now back on the touring circuit! Well, it's not so much a touring circuit as a couple of shows this month, but saying touring circuit makes it sound like I'm a rock star! I guess children's literature is the new rock and roll! Or should that be rock 'n roll?

Anyway, I'm blethering already. It's the heat. The weather this last week has been so gorgeous, a longer and more intense period of sunshine than I remember having all of last year! I've spent most of my time this week sitting in the garden reading books, which had been lovely, but not very productive I must confess. For a start it makes it difficult for me to focus on anything, my mind just goes a-wandering. Oh look, is that a squirrel over there...? Now where was I? Oh yes, hard to focus. Especially on the new book... Although if anyone from Faber is reading then it's coming along fine :-) Actually it is coming on fine to be honest, but it's very grisly! I'm still aiming to finish it by the first couple of weeks of June.

In the meantime, though, I'm back on the touring circuit! Yesterday I was down in the lovely Brighton, which was absolutely baking! The Festival was in full swing and the streets were packed with musicians and performers and poets and crowds of sun-loving families enjoying the show. I arrived a bit early and went and sat on the beach for an hour. As usual with events I was feeling really nervous, but the sea really helped calm me down. It was so beautiful! The only thing that spoilt it was the evil pigion that came and sat down next to me. I love Brighton, but I swear it is home to the most evil pigions in the world!

I'm blethering again! After sitting on the beach for a while I went to meet my publicist Helena at the venue. I say 'my publicist' because it makes me sound important. She's really Faber's PR guru, but I'm going to refer to her as my publicist until she tells me to stop! The event was at the Jubilee Library, which was a lovely space. And the staff were all delightful, really sweet and welcoming. Thanks for making me feel at home! The event was sold out, with about 60 people there despite the temptation of the sun outside. They were a wonderful crowd, full of suggestions for crazy inventions and superpowers. And they laughed at my jokes, which is always great! Thanks to everyone who came, you made it a fantastic day!

Afterwards Helena and I went for a cool drink, then I went and sat on the beach for a little while until I was even more sunburnt than when I arrived, then got back on the train for the long slog home. It was a nice journey though and I spent most of it reading a book. Ah, it's a hard life! Next up is the Hay festival, which I am really, really looking forward to! It's two weeks yesterday if anyone wants to come along!

Before that, though, I've got to try and get at least three quarters of the way through Furnace 2. And, more exciting still, The Inventors and the City of Stolen Souls should come back from the printers next Tuesday!!! I think I might take a trip down to London to get some copies, I'm so excited to see it!

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