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Wedding Season is Here!!!

It's definitely that time of year again, lots and lots of weddings. Now I have to confess I'm not a huge fan of them, I mean it's great seeing two people in love, and wonderful that everybody can have a day of partying and celebrating, but I'm just not good with crowds and end up going a bit loopy after a few hours. Having said that, I do love a good shindig, and a wedding is certainly that!

The first wedding of the year was yesterday, my Uncle Brian's, and it took place in Scotland, which is where most of my family still live. And the best thing about a Scottish wedding is... the KILT! I absolutely love wearing a kilt, I would do it every single day if I thought I could get away with it. They are just so comfortable, and smart, and Scottish, and, well, kilty! Here I am in mine:

Oh yeah!!!!

It was great being back in Kirkcaldy. I haven't been there for a few years, ever since my grandparents died, and it was so wonderful to see everybody again under better circumstances. I always forget how BIG my family is: my dad is one of ten brothers and sisters, which means I also have about thirty cousins, and some more second cousins. It's a huge clan, we totally overflowed the groom's side of the room during the service and had to squat in the bride's! But they are all fantastic and great fun to be around. I'm definitely going to try and get up to see them more often, hopefully when I'm up for the Edinburgh festival this year. Anyway, it was a lovely wedding, with a great band and lots of dancing. And well worth the 16-hour round trip train journey! It was also great to hang out with Dad, who I see about as seldom as my relatives in Scotland!

Oh, and I just have to express my relief that nobody made me dance the Gay Gordon!

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