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My name is Alexander Gordon Smith, and I'm the author of various books including The Inventors series and the brand new Furnace series.

This is my blog, and is where I talk about books, writing and, well, probably other stuff too...

Brand New Blog (but I've been Trapped by Monsters)!!

If you're reading this on my blog then you might have noticed that I've had the whole thing redesigned! I've been trying to blog more regularly, and I thought what better motivation than to have an awesome new layout complete with pictures and video and loads more booky bling. I didn't do this myself, I have to confess, I hired a very cool guy called Ian Forster to do it for me. Thanks Ian!

However, just when I thought I might be able to blog at least fairly often I suffered a hideous, terrifying blow! I was invited to do a talk the other day in a place called Boggart's Gob, and happily accepted thinking it would be a lovely literary festival like so many others I have been to. On arriving, however, there was just one large, moist, smelly tent with a banner hanging over it on which 'Book orfurs in heer' had been written. Despite being slightly suspicious I walked inside – only to discover that I wasn't in a tent at all but an actual Boggart's Gob! It took me a little while to pass through the foul beast's digestive system, and when I finally plopped out of its rear end I realised that things were far, far worse that I ever could have imagined. I had been...

Trapped By Monsters!!!

Yes, my worst fears have come true. Having earlier this year attempted and failed to rescue the eight authors held captive underground by hellish monster jailors (read all about it here), I now find myself buried miles beneath the earth, deeper even than Furnace Penitentiary, where the worst nightmares of the world dwell in filth and squalor.

You can read about my first encounter with the other unfortunate authors here.

So I'll be blogging regularly over there from now on (I don't want to, but the monsters have told me if I fail to obey them they'll make harps from my intestines, drumsticks from my arm bones and maracas from my, er... well, you get the idea). And if anyone has any great ideas for a rescue then let me know!

By the way, if you ever get invited to a place called Boggart's Gob then please, for the love of all that's holy, don't go!!

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