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Haiiiiiiii Ya!!!!

Yesterday Lynsey, Lucy, Jamie and I had our first kung fu lesson, which was brilliant! Lynsey and I are huge fans of kung fu movies, and a couple of weeks ago, after watching Kung Fu Panda (yes, I know Kung Fu Panda isn't considered a classic in the field, but it is great fun...) we all decided we'd love to have lessons.

After much perusal online we discovered a great school in Norwich, the Hung Sing School, which teaches a style known as Choy Li Fut. We booked our first class, and turned up rather anxiously yesterday evening to be met by our new Sifu, Neil. He was a lovely guy, and a very good teacher, especially considering that none of us knew anything about kung fu (apart from the fact that a panda can be picked as the dragon warrior if he truly believes he can). Actually there were more than a few resemblances between Jack Black's roly poly panda and my rather graceless movements on the mats, but hopefully that will improve over time (along with my fitness, I should say, as it's incredibly good exercise)!

So we're aiming to go back every Monday, now, slowly becoming mega kung fu masters. Haaaaiiiiii ya!

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