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First Reviews!

So it's only a matter of days now before Furnace is officially launched and this is where the nerves really start to set in. I lie awake at night thinking: oh no, what if nobody buys it, or what if they buy it and hate it, or what if somebody spots a massive plot hole that we all missed, or what if it is just rubbish?! Argh!

Which is why it was such a huge relief yesterday, when I was browsing Google in search of anything Furnace related, that I discovered some very positive early reviews! They all seem to be from Australia, as the book is being released there on the 5th March too. The first is from a lovely reviewer called Tez Miller (her site is full of great reviews and is well worth a look)! It goes as follows:

There's no leniency for child offenders in Lockdown, the explosive first novel in Alexander Gordon Smith's new series.

The infamous Summer of Slaughter, in which rioting kids killed 69 people, sparked new laws, and the consequences of disobeying them are extreme. Alex Sawyer knows he deserves punishment for thievery, but not for murdering his best friend. He's been framed, though no one believes him, and he's incarcerated for life in Furnace Penitentiary.

Alex isn't the only innocent prisoner in this genuinely frightening setting, and it's no surprise he's not the only one who wants out. Together, he and his newfound friends and foes begin hatching a plan to escape... unless they get killed first, which is likelier than one might assume.

The author has created an astounding and outstanding novel. Alexander Gordon Smith has one sick imagination, but it makes for riveting reading, combining realistic and relatable protags with the scariest, creepiest antags I've ever read. The blood watches are tense, eerie and utterly unforgettable.

To explain more would be spoilers, but this futuristic horror YA series is set to be an absolute cracker. The only real problem is that this first book ends in a cliffhanger, and Book 2 isn't due out until October. (Even later in North America, you poor dears.)

I love this book so much. Start pre-ordering now, and get excited. Reading doesn't get much better than this.

My favourite bit is about my 'sick imagination', which is true! Thanks so much for the great review, Tez, and for putting my mind at rest! And thanks too to these other reviewers for saying such great things:

'I am thoroughly impressed with this novel and would particularly recommend it to those who are fans of action and adventure and are thrill-seekers. I am not a thrill-seeker myself but I certainly loved it and recommend it...This book makes your heart-race, your blood pound and your hands clammy all in one sitting!'
Nicole, 15

'I thought this book was an amazing, creative piece of work. Rarely have I come across a book that manages to build such an oppressive and intimidating atmosphere.'
Robert, 23

'Alexander Gordon Smith's Furnace is a brilliantly written book. It plays on our fear of being incarcerated for a crime that we have not committed. With many unforeseen twists and turns throughout the story, it will have you gripping the edge of your seat.'
Danielle, 18

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