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Back on the Beach

Lucy has been in Wells for a couple of nights on a school trip, so Lynsey and I made the most of having a bit of time to ourselves. On Thursday we drove up to Holkham and pottered around for a bit, visiting the gorgeous pine forests and the endless beach. Holkham really is endless when the tide is out, I remember thinking that as a kid when you'd literally have to walk a mile or so from the dunes to the sea. It is beautiful there, though. After that we drove to Cromer to get some fish and chips from Mary Jane's, the best F&C place on the coast, then went back into town and watched Watchmen. I have to say I really, really loved it, very faithful to the graphic novel and stunningly shot. The next couple of days we spent chilling out, which is always nice!

Lucy's back now and we all went to see Monsters Vs Aliens at the weekend. OMG, the 3D is incredible! Gone are the days when you have a pair of rubbish paper glasses and are forced to watch the film in shades of lurid red and green and don't really know what's going on. This new 3D system uses clear, slightly tinted glasses so you get to watch the film in full colour (it's only a tad darker than it would be without the glasses), and it really does look like it's spilling out of the screen. I was so impressed, and judging by the 'ooo's and 'aaaah's coming from the packed cinema everybody else was too. It was a funny film, not amazing, but the 3D made it unmissable. There are so many films being made with the same system, including Tintin, Avatar and Pixar's new one, Up. It really is a new dawn in filmmaking!

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